During the past year as of June 28th, family and friends paid tribute to their friend, father, and husband with flowers, prayers, and a lot of 'remembering' at his STAR in Hollywood. He was and still is a great guy in all our hearts.

Fred Travalena's music plays on thanks to so many radio shows across the country. Lois Travalena most recently talked to a few friends in radio land.....

Thank you to
Stuart Shokus Internet Radio.com, Northridge, CA
Nancy Nelson, "Make a Differance" AM950-KTNF, Minneapolis, MN
Bruce Owens "Good Morning Hudson Valley", WLNA, Beacon, NY
Doug Miles, "Newstalk" WSRQ-1220, Sarasota, FL,
James Rana, "JRana Show", WFDU 89.1FM, Teaneck, NJ.
Rich Natole, "The Vegas Voice", 1400 AM- KSHP.com, Las Vegas, NV