Spirit of America

Original, meaningful Patriotic music, along with 2 Nationally known compositions (one with impressions) to help heal our country.

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After September 11th, Fred Travalena dedicated his waking hours to find a way to help his homeborn city of New York through this tragedy. "Trying to be funny or doing impressions of funny things just didn't seem appropriate," says Travalena. He followed his heart and feelings and put those feelings to music with caring, emotional and loving words. "The Spirit Of America" was written, recorded and sung by Fred Travalena. "A song that can be remembered because of its meaningful words, melody, and simplicity."

Shortly thereafter, Fred visited New York City and found himself passing endless walls of tributes on the streets, in terminals, in stores, etc., which symbolized the love and memories of those lost. In taking snapshots to share with friends and family elsewhere, Fred realized that this is the "New Artwork" which has been created as a tribute to human life. In writing the words, the thought of a small child saying, "kiss it and make it better," kept entering the thought process. With that in mind, "we can light a candle, leave a letter, place a flower, touch The Pictures On the Walls, make it better"

The interpretation of our National Anthem..."The Star Spangled Banner," was inspired from studying Francis Scott Key and the Battle at Fort McHenry. The brilliant arranging of Army pal, Dennis Michaels, proves to be a work-of-art in itself from a musicians point of view. National radio has deemed it a classic. "God Bless America" has such poignant words, written and composed by Irving Berlin, which all Americans seem to tear up when singing this classic. Fred decided to put famous voices to this song, some of his favorite characters and movie stars, to give a meaningful interpretation to this song.