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In Memory Of Fred Travalena

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A wonderful friend and supporter of the Wildlife Waystation, Fred created the "voice" of many of the Waystation Animals.

The Marcia P. Hoffman Performing Arts Institute at Ruth Eckerd Hall Announces FRED TRAVALENA SCHOLARSHIP AND TUITION ASSISTANCE PROGRAM

Send donations to
Fred Travalena Scholarship and Tuition Assistance
Ruth Eckerd Hall 1111
McMullen Booth Road
Clearwater, FL 33759

In Memory of Fred Travalena Checks should be made out to: Ruth Eckerd Hall Foundation, Inc.

The staff and patrons of Ruth Eckerd Hall were fortunate to have Fred grace our stage and entertain us with his expert impressions, music and wit on many occasions. The joy and laughter he brought to us will long remain cherished memories. Fred was always generous with his time and talent, assisting our staff, attending Education and Main Stage performances, speaking at Ruth Eckerd Hall presenter functions and fundraising events.

Ruth Eckerd Hall and The Marcia P. Hoffman Performing Arts Institute are proud to announce the Fred Travalena Scholarship and Tuition Assistance Program created in honor of this consummate entertainer, actor, singer/songwriter/lyricist, variety performer, recipient of a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and USO entertainer of our troops abroad. Fred has been honored with the Congressman's Merit Award for his support of the POW and MIA cause, was named Best Singer by the All Army Entertainment Award, and was recently asked to lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery on behalf of the USO. Because of Fred's special relationship with and commitment to our military, this new Scholarship and Tuition Assistance Program is being created to serve the families of those serving in our armed forces. It will provide opportunities for members of military families to study music, drama and/or dance at The Marcia P. Hoffman Performing Arts Institute at Ruth Eckerd Hall. Donations to help fund the Fred Travalena Scholarship and Tuition Assistance Program will be gratefully accepted.

It is our hope that this new program in Fred Travalena's honor will provide important assistance to local military families and will stand as a lasting memorial to one of America's great entertainers.

Providence Tarzana Foundation
18321 Clark Street
Tarzana, CA 91356
Tel: (818) 757-4384
Fax: (818) 757-4372


Because of the loving care of all the Nurses and staff on the Oncology Ward at Providence Tarzana Hospital, the Travalena family would like to request that any donations in Fred's name go to this Ward.

Please make sure that any donations made
say: "In Memory of Fred Travalena"

Letters to Fred

October 6, 1942 - June 28, 2009

Lou Raya Utica New York - You and Dad were the best
I first me Fred III at the Riviera Casino in 1978 along with his lovely and sweet wife Lois when he was appearing with Shirley McLain. Fred\'s father Fred II was like my second father and he called on me and sold me priniting ink at the Miller Brewing Company in Fulton NY in 1976. I spend alot of time with Fred and his Dad in AC, Vegas, Reno and he booked Fred in several venues in Upstate NY. Fred and his dad were so close and they made me feel like family. I was at Freds rehearsals and he was an intense and talented man who with the right breaks would have been a Super Star in the entertainment world. In my eyes he was the best and Fred and I and his dad would talk for hours about his future and believe me he was a special person who had inherited his special gift to make people laugh from his dad who was once a singing waiter with Frank Sinatra at the Rusty Cabin in 1935 in Hoboken New Jersey.

I remember Fred and I went to see Superman I in Reno in 1981 and I really got to know Fred and he opened up to me how he wanted to be the best and make it to the top for the sake of his family and his dad.

I could go on and on about Fred and the time we spent together. We were so close that his dad moved to Upstate New York for 2 years since I was like his third son. In 1984 I was supposed to get married and I asked Fred to be my best man and when the wedding was called off he and Dad picked up my spirits and helped me through a trying time.

God gave us a special talent in Fred Travalena and now he is in heaven with dad and wow they must be tearing them up.

It has been 19 years since I saw Fred and when we last met we were at his Dad\'s funeral and we cried and hugged each other and said goodbye for the last time.

Lois , and Fred IV and Corey... My deepest sympathy and I am here in Utica with a heavy heart and I can\'t tell you how much Fred and Dad meant to me and so many people.. I am having a hard time accepting this and I will have a mass said for Fred at my catholic church in honor of his life and legacy.

I only wish I knew he was ill since I would have flown to see him and tell him how much I loved him and dad and to let him know that I would be there for him during his difficult journey ..

Fred God Bless You always and your family during these difficult days..

John - Winning
I have to admit,watched alot of that show. There is a different kind of idol though and thats what Fred was.The last seven years of his life he just shined. Right to the end we talked pizza.I remember that so much of what he took during treatment,well lets just say, Im positive I couldnt.Every day Fred would say ,as long as theirs hope Im winning.I try every day to remember that.Even on off days,I force myself to realize it. I find hope in so many things cause of Fred.His last text to me said ,done winning. That was right after the Doc told him the game was over.Because of Fred,I have hope and courage,and I know no matter what happens,for now,Im winning Fred.---youre brother,John

Greg Shay - Joy
I am a Christian and know that Fred had faith in God. I feel badly that he is gone from here, but joy in his entrance into heaven.

Brenda Piccirillo All American Ms. 2009 - One of the Family!!
Over 5 years ago I had the honor of meeting Fred and Lois at an appearence we made together in Florida. Fred and Lois always kept in touch with me and always treated me as one of their own. I am saddend to hear the news of a such great man whos life was made to make us smile!

Terry Como Adkinson - Lost Treasure
The world lost a very talented and loving man that will be greatly missed. Bless him and his family.

Maria Hardy - My Thoughts and Prayers

Fred and We were High School classmates and friends back many years ago on Long Island. While he was a Bronx native, he came to our high school in his sophomore year and graduated with with all of us in the Senior Class. The quote under his graduation was \"travelin on\" and that he did. You all know of his tremendous talent and and great accomplishments over the years -- he was a true friend and family man as well. The members of the Class of 1960 will miss his quick wit and friendly smile for all that he came in contact with......Fred will always be in our hearts , especially next year when we celebrate our 50th Year Class Reunion........our hearts and prayers go out to Lois, his lovely wife and her family.

Your Niece, Debbie - We miss you
How cool it was to be a kid and have a famous uncle! I remember watching him the first time he was on the Kopy Kats - we were all so excited and we were all so proud, as we were with every milestone in his career. No matter how famous he got, he was always so down to earth and genuine. As a family, we have all learned so much from Uncle Fred about courage, faith, and love. Well all miss him terribly and will keep him in our hearts forever.

J.T. Finn - Fred's Song, ONE LITTLE HAND
Dear Fred... We miss you more than words can say. We miss your smile, your witt, your humor, your passion for LIFE! Your zeal was super contagious! God gave you tons of talent... Thank you for using these gifts to uplift so many souls... Thank you, Fred, for non-stop good, clean humor! Thank you, also, for being so very courageous, diligent and hard working for families and faith. Youre truly an inspiration! Fred, thank you for caring so much for babies, moms and families! Ill never forget your enthusiastic phone calls and your passionate efforts to make a big difference in peoples lives... you loved taking action in big ways! Thank you for singing and producing the song, ONE LITTLE HAND, and for creating the website www.BabiesAreImportant.com Youve truly saved lives and souls! Youll never be forgotten! Thank you, Fred!

Love, prayers and warmest wishes to your wife and family. Rest in Peace!

Diane Saitta aka Dyanne Roberts - Remeber the Top Hat
I first met Fred in a nightclub called the Top Hat in Franklin Square N.J. in 1970. We were both in the talent show. Fred was with his Dad. I remember how he was dressed in a tuxedo and very shiny black patent leather shoes. He was fantastic even back then and of course won the show and went on to a fabulous career in T.V. and Las Vegas. I sent Fred an email back in 2002 when I found out he had non-hodgkins lymphoma and was astonished to find out that he remembered me from our early years. He sent me copies of some of his CDs and some emails which I will treasure. I always hoped we would meet again, perhaps in Vegas or on a cruise where he was performing but I guess that will never be now. My deepest condolences to his wife and his family. Show business has lost its best impressionist, a wonderful songwriter, a great entertainer and a truly wonderful human being.

Lynne - Smile!
My fondest memory of Mr. Travelena was Christmas, 1979. My 5 yr old daughter and I were shopping for our Christmas tree. A single parent my budget was pretty small. Of course my little one had found the perfect tree! Her eyes became bigger than saucers as we approached a six footer complete with \"snow\". It was hard for me to have to say no. SHe was heartbroken, as was I. So, we moved on and found a lovely little 3/ft tree that would fit nicely on a table in the corner. As we carried our little tree to the front, we sang Christmas Carols all the way..we were joyful and happy. As I reached into my purse to offer payment, the clerk told me that the tree was already paid for. When I asked how that was possible, he just said that I should pull my car up to the rear and they would have someone tie it on the roof of my car. I told them that was necessary as it would fit in the back seat, but they insisted. I pulled to the rear as instructed and a young man approached my vehicle with the six foot tree my daughter first wanted. I told them they had the wrong person, but they told me that a gentlement insisted that we have the tree. I pleaded with the young man to tell me who the generous gentleman was...then I glanced to my left and there he stood...Fred Travelena, grinning from ear to ear..be bent down, kissed my little on the cheek and said..Merry Christmas baby.....he winked at me and walked away....As he did, my little one smiled and asked..who was that man.. I told her it was one of Santas helpers.... God Bless you Mr. Travelena...you are loved and remembered.

Allen Wollins -
Fred was a good friend and my wife and I had the pleasure of going to a Christmas party at the small apartment he and Lois had in the Bronx. We also had the pleasure of inviting them to dinner at the equally small apt. my wife and I lived in in Riverdale. Fred and I worked together for about a year almost fourty years ago at a company by the name of Milton Paper. Fred and I became pretty good friends since we both shared an interest in comedy and show business buiness. Three or four times a week we would have I was very sad this morning to read about Freds death. Though I had not seen Fred in years, I was able to follow his wonderful success throughout the years. Fred was not only taalented but a very bright, good individual. May he rest in peace. Allen Wollins

Jan - Wonderful entertainer
I remember seeing Fred for the first time when I was a kid.. and even then thought he was wonderful.. R.I.P. Fred you were the best!

Todd Miskime - 1000 voices went silent on Sunday
I have many memories of Fred. Being a child of the 70s, teen of the 80s, I saw Fred from Hollywood squares, to Jerry Lewis Telethon, to David Letterman. Fred was the funny uncle you always like seeing at the family reunion. When Jerry Lewis said Fred was coming up we waited to see him. His impression of his Presidential morphing is an instant classic that will his immortalize his genius. Fred you will be truely missed and prayers to his family.

Rachel Ciardullo -
while thugh I never got the lucky priviledge to see Freddie in person, I have enjoyed his comedy since he first appeared on TV. I was also born in the Bronx and raised on Lond Island, now living in Las Vegas, I missed out on seeing him last year as I had to leave town. May this sweet man rest in peace.

Tommy Jakob - Thanks for the laughs
Growing up I remember Fred for his his impersonations and laughing real hard. Thank You for that. Steve Moore

Steve Moore - pure entertainment
Growing up I remember Fred for his his impersonations and laughing real hard. Thank You for that. Steve Moore

Tommy Grafman (Macmyday) - A special person who will be missed
I only recently met Fred (and Lois) last year. Fred was a generous, giving and charming man. Even though I only fixed his computer, when I would arrive at his house, it was a fanfare from Fred. He was a great talent, and funny man, and we would exchange jokes. When Fred was in the hospital, I was asked to help fix his computer there in the hospital room (Fred was always writing and working). Even though it was rough for me to be there, doing it for Fred was a pleasure. Both Fred and Lois were so nice to my son Justin when I would bring him their house. Hearing of the news of his passing was very saddening. I am grateful that Fred was part of my life.

Jon Sousan - Branson Missouri
Fred was one of the most talented that ever graced the stage here in Branson. Though his appearances were brief, He left a huge impression on ALL who were lucky enough to see him. God Bless your family during this time. And, knowing Fred, the Angels are rolling on the floor by now.

Bettie & Jim Stillman, Purcellville,VA - Thanks for the Memories
Share your Memories Lois, even though our association with you and Fred at Ft. Belvoir was many years ago, you and Fred have never left our memory or our heart. We were in shock to learn of his death. We extend our deepest sympathies to you and your family.

Phil brunell - A Class act bar none.
Fred was a very classy entertainer which today is a rare commodity. He will truly be missed

T.engelmann - A very kind and generous man
I remember Fred well from many fund raising Telethons. He was always so polite and friendly. He seemed like one of the more down to earth stars that I ever met.

Pat Cooper -
My deepest condolences to the Travalena family. I will always miss Fred. He was a great friend and talented performer. With love and respect Pat Cooper

I met Fred in Michigan several years ago when I was a teenager. He was a true \"real and genuine\" man. It was delightful to meet him and for a teenager, to meet a celebrity, I was ecstatic. I have always remembered how down to earth he was. I am truly sorry for the loss his family has endured, and the loss that the rest of the world has endured as well. Rest in Peace, Dear Angel.

Kollin Alexander - A wonderful entertainer but, a better man.
Fred did his show in Branson MO a few years back and I had the good fortune to have met and spend some time with him getting to know him, he was able to make you forget all about your problems and laugh with out a care. He will be missed.

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