In Memory Of Fred Travalena

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In Memory of Fred Travalena
October 6, 1942 - June 28, 2009


Nancy Harrell - Well Miss You
I remember seeing you on the Tonight Show when I was a kid. . .my folks let me stay up late, and you absolutely cracked me up. None of my friends knew who you were -- Fred Trava-who? -- but I remember talking about you at school and your amazing talent. Rest in peace, Fred. . .

Bob Bergen - When I met Fred
I got to meet Fred twice. The fist time I was working as a puppeteer at Magic Mountain. MM at the time was using characters called Shirt Tails. Fred hired us to come to his house in Encino for one of his kids birthday parties. I told Fred I was interested in doing voices for cartoons and he was very generous with his advice and time. The next time I met Fred he was performing a Scooby Doo cartoon at Hanna Barbara. It was a Sinatra type character called Dooby Dooby Doo. He was great! And again, very generous. I never got to work with him. Wish I had! Bob Bergen

Vic Cantrell - RIP
Thanks for all the years of laughter. Rest in peace. Your suffering on this earth is over.

Mary - TV Shows.
I used to enjoyed watching Fred Travalena on KopyKats and other shows. He was very funny. Good imitations of the Presidents. He will be missed.

johnnie f. king - Making people laugh.
I did not know him per say but boy was he funny, He will surely be missed. God Blesss him and his family.

Nancy Kovach - Thanks So Much
So sorry to hear that you are gone. I was fortunate to have Fred perform for a small group of us at the 1988 Republican Convention in New Orleans with your fantastic impression of Ronald Reagan and so many others. You will truly be missed

Jim Moore - Coolest & Nicest
I met Fred the first time at his son Cory's wedding. I complimented him on a great speech which shined with his connection to Christ. He complimented me on the beauty of my daughter. I saw him again last Thanksgiving, and we spent hours talking. I felt like he was so interesting, and admired him for his courage in dealing with cancer. Until today I had no idea he was 8 years older than I; even without hair and with cancer he looked as young as me. He again complimented me on the beauty of my daughter that evening, and as for as I am concerned he made that the best Thanksgiving of my life. Last month I received a message from mutual friends that Fred was in the hospital again. I went to visit him two days in a row, and again we really had a fun, nice and interesting time together. I didn't go back, because when I would make him laugh it caused him pain. What I wrote in an Email yesterday, was of the six famous people who died this past week I thought he was the coolest and the nicest. I stand by that statement, and though I wish we had had more time together this past year, I am happy to know that he and I can talk as much as we want for all of eternity. It's easy not to be sad when I know Fred is in heaven; not like when people just say someone is in a better place. I know that Fred is! It was a pleasure to know you man!

Richard Boinus - an unbelievable talent
I was friends with Fred over the last 10 or 12 years his talent was unbelievable....songwriter, dancer, singer, comedian and one of the finest impersonators ever to appear on stage. Fred and I would have breakfast at I hop in Encino his wit and timing would keep me laughing for hours. God has him now and were better off for the laughter he gave us......Rest in Peace Fred I know where ever you are It's a better place now

Dennis Horvath - Rest In Peace
Growing up I remember Mr Travalena as being the best impersonator I had ever seen! More than anything for me he was part of the classic entertainment that is gone now...Rest in peace Fred, We Love You.....

Stephen Pishner (Clarksburg, WV) - Italian Festival Memories of Fred
Just a few years ago, Fred came to Clarksburg,WV and did a great show for the Labor Day Weekend West Virginia Italian Heritage Festival. He was a very kind person, wonderfully entertaining and easy to work with. His talent and ability to put laughter in the air will be missed. Our condolences go to his family and friends. Fred, may you make all of heaven rejoice with great laughter!

Jonathan Hayes - I will miss you, Fred
My favorite Fred Travelena moment was from his 1978 TV special. Fred (with guest Pat Harrington) were trying to perform a sketch called "The Welk Brothers." Fred later stated that the two of them kept cracking up each other so much, that the sketch ended up on the cutting room floor! However, this rare footage was saved, and has been featured numerous times on several "blooper" shows. (If anyone still has this "blooper" footage, I would love to see it posted again.) Fred was one of my inspirations for becoming a performer, and I will miss him dearly.

Lawrence Brian Schwartz - A Man in the Leagues of Blanc, Butler and Messick
I've recently browsed by many websites and passed by YouTube that linked to the show "Anything for Money," a TV show hosted by Fred. I used to watch him as a little child growing up in Wisconsin and he was downright funny not only as a comedian, but suprisingly as a game show host! As an impressionist and a man whose voice characterizations were right on the money! In the company leagues of Mel Blanc, Daws Butler and Don Messick, he is truly a legend himself that will always inspire me to follow in his footsteps. May the Good Lord God bless him and hold a special place in heaven. A special man with a special talent, he will always be in my thoughts! My condolences and prayers to his family and friends in celebrating the life of Fred Travalena.

Jack Kirby - Remembering listening to Fred
I remember listening to Fred Travalena since I was a young man, I have enjoyed his impressions He was Hilarious, it is not too often you can find good comedy the whole family can hear

Tom -
I met Fred back in 1967 / 68 at the Top Hat Club in Franklyn Square L.I. Every Wed. night the club would have a contest where singers, dancers, comic, impressionists would compete for a paid weekend gig. Well, this one Wed. night, both Fred and I were in the back dressing room getting ready to perform and Fred told me how nervous he was. I was a few years younger then him, and I told him in my best Brooklyn accent, don't be nervous, its a piece of cake. Next thing I hear is the MC introduce me.

The club had a piano player, by the name of Ed Cooper, to accompany all the performers. Well, I came out and did a Dean Martin song, and seemed to do pretty good. I felt pretty sure of myself...that is until the MC introduced Fred Travalena. Fred came out and sang a song from Don Quixote or something like that. Then went on to do impressions..Rod Steiger and so many more. Fred won this gig hands down and rightfully so. He was GREAT ! He went on to do TV game shows, Vegas and so much more. It's sad to see him leave this world. And my condolences go out to his lovely wife and family.


Pastor Fred Martin - One more gone
It was my privilege to visit Fred at home and while in the hospital over these last several weeks and I had opportunities to share times of fellowship, encouragement and prayer with him. During one of our visits, I shared with Fred that "our" name means "peacemaker." Fred Travalena was truly a man of peace who knew the "Prince of Peace."

Another admirer - One more gone
Another day brings news of another sad loss. Your performances and delightful sense of gentle humor will be missed. May it be a comfort to your family to know that fans everywhere are sharing their grief. May you rest in peace, Fred.

H.B. from Wichita - The Kopykats
Will someone PLEASE get this wonderful "Summer replacement" show onto DVD. Marilyn Michaels and Frank Gorshin, and the magnificent Fred Travalena and others created a comedy revue that has NEVER been duplicated.


peter passow - Laugher is the best medicine
thanks for the laughs of all of your voice impressions even the presidents . you'll be in my heart til the i pass on. now go to heaven an give the best laughter you can give up at the pearly gates. i'll miss you. i'll miss you.

Ed Donnelly - Thanks for the laughs in US Army Basic Training
This guy should be in show business! That was the thought of about 200 of us in Company O at Fort Dix, NJ, May-July 1964, when Pvt. Travalena irreverantly imitated the drill sergents, making many of our days brighter. As years passed, I often wondered about him, until one night on TV, there's Fred Travalena hosting his own TV show! Newly married but home alone I ran out banging on the neighbors doors to have them tune Fred in and share my excitement. He was such a regular guy, I clearly remember him thanking his Family and others at the close of the show. I regret not seeing him again in person, but was surely fortunate for that brief stint. God Bless you Fred, and Family.


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