In Memory Of Fred Travalena

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In Memory of Fred Travalena
October 6, 1942 - June 28, 2009


Mrs. Tom Brumley - My sympathies
We got to know your family when you were here in Branson a few years ago. Love you guys. I also lost Tom in Feburary of this year. I'm still going through a rough time, but wanted to send my condolences to your family. Tom had sudden heart death. What a shock. It's not easy any way they go. We had the Brumley Music Show here in Branson for 20 years. We had just retired when you came to town and owned the Mailbox-iT store down the street from your theater. You may not remember, but we talked a lot. Love you, my dear. Rolene Brumley

Braeden Paul - My Memories of Fred
I am 13 year old boy who has high hopes of becoming a professional comedian when I grow up. I recently discovered Fred through the clean comedy TV show, Bananas. I believe he was a great impressionist as well as a comedian. He was an inspiration to many young performers. R.I.P. Fred, we'll miss you.

Jeanne from PA - Always made me laugh!
Fred's impersonations were spot on and always made me laugh. He was a talented guy, with a true God given gift. Heaven will be laughing for a long time! Rest in peace and thanks for the laughs.

Patricia - Rest in peace
I can remember watching Fred on tv in the '70's, he was great! So funny! You will be missed.

John Pate - Memories of Fred
We have a great loss, and I will miss Fred very much. We were working up north at a particular venue, and Fred was just returning from his first win with his bout over cancer. At first he was not feeling like performing, and when he saw a brand new stage where the old one had stood, he commented by saying "Wow that is a beautiful work of art" and one of the folks there said, "Yeah, we built it after your last performance here and wow'ed the audience so much, we just had to have a better place for you to perform." Well that enegized him so much that he took the stage and literally did 20 minutes of the strongest material I have ever seen. I enjoyed working with him on several of his projects, both TV & radio, and even some material for his special appearances, and loved sitting in that upper office and firing material back and forth. He was my great friend, and I will miss him. John Pate

Doug Peacock - Thanks for the Laughs
A true joy to the world has past. Fred Brought laughter and joy to this world, Both are what the world needs more of. I'm sure Fred's already goofing on God, and making God smile in the process. God Speed Fred.

Gayle Rogalski - Memories of Fred Travalena
The Fred Travalena I remember was that of the 3rd picture from the left on this web page. He was such a talented impressionist and entertainer. May he be in a better place still doing his impressions.

Andrew Walker - What a talented man!!
Fred was one of the better impressionists the world has ever seen , I remember him on the Tonight Show and how he would totally "own" the show !!!! Fred will be missed !!!!

JO JO - What a talented man!!

Stephanie - Thank you for making us laugh!

Aaron Belcher - Thanks!
I always enjoyd Fred on the Match Game, and on the Dean Martin roasts. Fred's style of humor is long gone from todays television. Fred's is a style of humor that will be truly missed. I feel sorry for anyone who never got to see his fantastic body of work. Godspeed Fred! Thanks for the memories.

Andrew Walker - What a talented man!!
Fred was one of the better impressionists the world has ever seen , I remember him on the Tonight Show and how he would totally "own" the show !!!! Fred will be missed !!!!

Stephen Murphy - A Fan
I am so sorry to hear of Fred's passing. I have fond memories of watching Fred on many television programs throughout his career. He will be sorely missed by all his fans, myself included. My thoughts and prayers go out to Fred's friends and family during this mournful period. God Bless!

Gary Hunter - Laughs and Smiles
I used to watch the TV guide to see when he was appearing on television so that I could tune in. Thanks for all the laughs and smiles over the years. My thoughts and prayers for your family. Gary Hunter

Lorraine - You will be missed
I grew up in the 60's and enjoyed watching Fred for my whole life. Having a difficult childhood, TV was my refuge and whenever I watched him, he would make me laugh and impress me with his talent. My condolences to his family and please know the joy he gave to people he never met. He is surely in heaven with all the people he impersonated. God Bless him and his family and thank you for sharing him with us.


Kevin Lucciarini - A good man
Unexpectedly I had the pleasure of sitting next to Mr. Travalena while having lunch on a cruise ship some 10 years ago. He was the headliner for the ships entertainment at the time. For about an hour we talked of many things including our Italian heritage, which we were so proud to discuss. He was a gracious gentleman and didn't mind mixing with the regular folks on the ship. At one point he asked me where I was from and told him Boston. Many times throughout that cruise I would here someone say, “Hey Boston how was your day?” He remembered me if only for a few days. May the Lord comfort you in heaven and may he send peace to his family.

Coolkayaker1 - Fred on Merv Griffin
I was a child and I recall seeing Fred on Merv Griffin and laughing like a complete buffoon. Fred Travalena was my first exposure to impressionists, and I never forgot how he made me laugh and how he made me feel. Honestly, when I heard that Farrah and Michael Jackson had massed away, I felt a pang. But when I heard that Fred Travalena passed away, a small part of my childhood went with him. Thanks for the memories, Fred.

Georgette Kostopoulos - The 1st time I watched him
It was back during the 88 debates. Fred was TOO funny as George Bush, Ronald Reagan, Nixon, Jesse Jackson, Gorbachev, and Ted Koppel. Rest in peace, Fred. You were great!

Connie Lemacks - A man who brought us laughter, joy, and clean humor
I met Fred Travalena when he performed at a political fundraiser many years ago. He was a gentleman with a soft mannerism, but when he got on that stage, he immediately took the audience into another realm. His impersonations were outstanding, his sense of humor was clean, and his jokes were very funny. When he finished his performance, we felt much better than when we came. God bless you Fred and may the Lord comfort your family in their loss. There is no one else like Fred Travalena and you will be missed. Thank you for being YOU.

Missy - Farewell Old Friend
I went to high school with Fred, and we have kept in touch through the years. We all know Fred was a wonderful entertainer, but he was also a wonderful man with a big heart - and an animal lover. I was performing in the Bahamas back "in the day" at the same club as Fred, and he and his wife and I went out to dinner in a swanky restaurant. We all had steak, and Fred asked the waiter to bag up our leftovers. I wondered why he wanted them since we were staying in a hotel and had no way to warm them up. When we got outside, Fred crossed the street where he had seen some stray dogs hanging around earlier and opened up the bag. They never had it so good. And we never had it so good having known him. Rest in peace my friend.

Frank Murphy - Thank you, Fred
I always enjoyed Fred's visits to WAVA back in the late '80s and early '90s. He was a class act. I dedicated my daily blog entry to Fred today:

Ben and Ann Boogher - Fred and Lois
We are saddened to hear of Fred's passing. We were privileged to see him here in Florida last year in a truly fantastic show. But, a really delightful memory was Fred and Lois performing at Ft. Belvoir, Virginia many, many years ago. The pictures of those shows always bring back good memories

Denise Harvey - A Lasting Impression
As a child of the 60's - 70's, I remember Fred vividly on talk shows & variety shows. I loved his hosting of "An Evening at the Improv," and I will always remember his energetic and amazing impersonations of popular celebrities and politicians. God Bless Fred - Rest in Peace - "See you One Day Soon."

Blanche Morro - Fred was an inspiration
As a youth, I watched Fred in awe, and hoped I could emulate & give forth my abilities and talent with as much passion & professionalism as he did in every performance. Later in life as an adult, I was blessed & privileged to be able to perform with him, and to befriend a wonderful man (and his wife Lois!) in the process. I can't tell you how much that chance encounter has helped me in my professional entertainment life. Fred and his wonderful wife Lois, helped me to keep believing, and pursuing, despite all of the ups and downs that might befall me. I was so sad to find out today that Fred had passed away. He took a piece of my heart with him, but believe me, a piece of him will always be with me. I have pictures and memories of him that are PRICELESS, and I thank God for having met him, and for having the opportunity to witness the wonderful miracle of ever having him in my life. RIP Fred, you will not be forgotten....Blanche in New Jersey

Tony - A funny and gifted man
As others have already stated, I remember seeing Fred on "The Match Game" when I was a little kid. I always remember how funny his voices were. He got be interested in doing impersonations myself!

Janice Clark, Philadelphia, PA - Our thoughts and Prayers
Keeping all of the family in our thoughts and prayers. Fred was truly a wonderful entertainer and person. I loved his smile....

Jeffy Jeff - What a memorable impressionist !!!
I remember Fred on T.V. when I was a young kid growing up in the 70's - all of his voices and faces use to crack me up. He was one of the better act... for many years.

Dean Kasal - Thanks for the memory!
I remember you performing at a Metlife event in Acapulco, Mexico in 1988. I was thoroughly amazed at how uncanny your impressions were. You talked with us after the show. Thanks for that memory. R.I.P., Fred. You will be sorely missed and are one of the greats!

Tommy Jakob - Thanks for the laughs
No one but Fred could do Georgie Gessel, Jimmy Carter and, especially, Gomer Pyle /Jim Nabors. I go as far back as seeing him on Mike Douglas, as well, and we all used to laugh so hard. Make the saints laugh, Fred!

Teri S. - The Best!
Fred Travalena made me laugh! I was amazed at his talents. He was an awesome entertainer and and he will be greatly missed.

Tom - R.I.P. Sir
His morphing of the Presidents was priceless. I have always been entertained by the talents of this genius. Thank you for the great laughs Fred.

Karen Millianos - miss you
thnx for the memories we will miss you dearly!

Michelle DiGirolamo - To his sister, Dana
Dear Dana, I hope you can read this. This is Michelle from St. Agnes HS. I am so sorry of your brother's passing. email me please

Boisselle - God's Memory
May the Almighty be with the Family and Friends during their time of mourning. He will be remembered by many. "Do not marvel at this, because the hour is coming in which all those in the memorial tombs will hear his voice and come out, thos who did good things to a resurrection of life," -John 5:28,29

Reggie - Thanks for the Laughs
Always in character, very funny, very good singer, we are so sad to hear of his passing. I hope they can tell the difference between Sinatra and Travalena in Heaven! :)


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