In Memory Of Fred Travalena

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In Memory of Fred Travalena
October 6, 1942 - June 28, 2009


Beverly Barth - Worked with him
The Bill Barth Quartet worked with Fred in the 60's at Fernwood Hotel in the Poconos. He bought one of our poodles. Thank God for the memories we have of him. Beverly Barth, Tony Colondo, Jim Kiess and Tony Ardito.

Lou Raya - Fred and his Dad
I was a very dear friend of both Fred and his dad Fred II. I was employed by Miller Brewing Company in Fulton New York and became a close friend with Fred's dad. Let me tell you this ... Fred Travalena was without a doubt one of the finest entertainers show business has ever seen. He did not have the breaks some people have had but he made the best of it. His Grandfather Fred I was an Olympic Track in 1948 and 1952 and Fred II was an American Hero and received the Purple Heart at the Battle of the Bulge in World War II. Fred II was a great entertainer and was a singing waiter with Frank Sinatra in 1935 at the "Rusty Cabin" in Hoboken New Jersey.

Fred II was always worried about his son and he wanted the best for him and we sat around for hours and hours when we all were together and mulled about the future of his son and Fred III truly made his Dad proud.

Fred III visited my home several times when he performed in Central New York and he was like a brother and loved his fans. I can go on and on about our good times in Vegas Reno and AC but these memories will always remain close to my heart.

I am saddened by the news of Fred's passing and I never knew Fred was ill. I want to express my deepest condolences to Lois and FredIV and Corey along with Fred's family in New York.

You will always be the best entertainer I ever saw and a class act and great family man. Our Lord has taken a wonderful man from us and Fred will join his family in heaven and what a wonderful reunion they will have.

God Bless you and your legacy forever.

Charles Walker, Bremerton WA - Class Act !
I only saw him on TV, but always felt he was a class act! He had a great sense of humor and comic timing. He'll be missed.

Eric - Clean comedy
He had real talent because he didn't feel the need to resort to profanity and vulgarity to get laughs. I used to like the "Anything for Money" show he hosted. See you in heaven, Fred.

Jay Boyle - Good Bye Fred, Make Them Laugh in Heaven
Fred, I never got to know you in person, but I had seen you on many variety, game, and talk shows on TV. Whether it was Jimmy Carter, Elvis Presley, or even Bart Simpson, you did a great job. You are gone now from this life but I hope you make them laugh in heaven. This has been a sad week in the entertainment world with teh losses of Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson, pitchman Billy Mays, and now you are gone to be with the Lord. My friend and I saw you on occasion on the reruns on The Match Game. Fred Travalena, you may be gone but you will never, ever be forgotten.

Mark Foyer - The Match Game
I remember only from when he was on the Match Game with Gene Rayburn. He was real quick with his impressions. I remember a question referring to the Godfather. Right away, he did "The Godfather Theme." He will be missed.

Ann Bandini - Fred
I loved Fred Travalena my dear friend, who fought a courageous battle and now is having an audience with the King of kings. He will be missed by so many as his great talent and charm brought laughter the best medicine to all. Lois is the most amazing woman and the glue that kept it all together please honor her and his sons by keeping them in your prayers.

Larry Wilson - Man of Many Voices
I remember Fred speaking at church and he would go into character. He was great. My condolences to Lois and the boys. God Bless, The Wilsons

Anthony Venutolo - Rest in Peace
We met on You Tube after you saw my Rat Pack video. I hope you're up there with Frank, Dino and Sammy in that big casino in the sky...

Michael Zielke - RIP Mr. Travalena
My Condolenses to Mrs, Travalena,Freddy,And Cory. I grew up with Freddy,and Cory Mr.Travalena's two sons. My Name is Michael Zielke, and i knew and was close too the travalenas when i was a young child up too my early 20's.I do hope that one of them will recieve this and know that im very sorry for the family. They are a very wonderful family, and too this day i wish that i would have still kept in touch with them, especially Freddy, who was one of my closest friends for many yrs.but life throws you many things, and from what i know freddy,and cory have both gotten married.Anyhow, I Miss you guys very,very,much, especially Mrs.Travalena, she once was like another mother too me,back in the days when we were growing up.Just know guys that Mr.Travalena is in a WAY BETTER PLACE, looking down on us saying you have no idea what we all are missing.If one of the Travalena's should ever read this,please feel free too email me know that you three,are in my heart,and mind, and I Miss you all very much.

Lora - The Many Faces
As a kid growing up in the 70's, I would get excited to see Fred when he appeared on the Tonight Show and The Love Boat. He was able to take any celebrity impression and make it his own. He was funny, outrageous and like nobody else. I was miss him and all that he gave the world.

Shirley - He's amazing
I've watched every show, since the '70s, on which he was scheduled to appear. What a talented man! I Thank YOU, Fred Travalena, for sharing your wonderful talent with us, making us laugh until our sides hurt. I'm in Canada, so I can't leave a flower or card. I'll light a candle; just look down and you'll see it. Rest well, Sweet Funny Man.

Montti - The Laughs
As a child growing up with Fred on TV. He was funny without being dirty. If you're gifted like Fred, you don't need filth to promote you. He has Class #1 all the way. He will be missed. Thanks for the laughs!

Elyce - Thanks for entertaining me!
I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed Fred's work & how sad I was to hear of his passing, especially at such a young age! He was a very talented man who brought the gift of laughter & joy to so many people!

Chris Curley - Very sad lose
I used to be news director and morning co-host on CBS Radio's Smooth Jass WSJT 94.1 in Tampa St. Petersburg and remember fondly having Fred on the show several times... He was really a talented and great guy!!! I'm so sorry for what is a big lose to the entertainment industry... He'll be really missed.

John Passaro - A Class Act
I was working as the morning show for WLIR and Fred was coming to promote his show at Westbury Music Fair. Fred Came in at 7am and did three of best hours of radio I have every heard!!! This after just flying in from the west coast and have a show that night. This man was a true professional. Heaven just got a whole lot funnier.

Diane from NJ blondie_4414 on twitter - Fred a true blue talented guy
Why does it have to end. I think your talent was a gift that you worked very hard on and it showed I can recall watching you perform many nights on many shows you were a standout a guy who brought and I am so sorry for your family and friends,you gave 1000% what more can anyone ask and Ihope you loved your life and work and that life was good for you god bless rest in peace You were great not good.

Russ - Thanks for all the laughter
I don't have any one specific memory, but just memories of watching him on TV and laughing alot. Fred was a great talent who made a young boy in a troubled home laugh. For that I am grateful.

Johnny -
In a world of sadness,those that can make others laugh are a very special kind.Be at peace Mr.Travalena.

Kurt DePoy - A VERY Funny man!
So sorry to hear this news. Yet another loss this week. Such a funny man and a joy to watch over the years. Just saw his Letterman clip - hilarious. He'll be making 'em laugh in heaven! RIP Fred.


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