In Memory Of Fred Travalena

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In Memory of Fred Travalena
October 6, 1942 - June 28, 2009


Damon Leigh - My Dinner with Fred Travalena
Linguine and clams… a table for two… A bottle of red… Barolo will do… It won’t be Encino… way up in the blue… But save me a place, Fred… I’m so missing you. (Make that a table for three, Fred. Ask Russ Columbo to join us. He can answer all those questions you and I debated down here.)

Barbara and Laura - Thanks for the laughs
WE remember watching him on Merv Griffin, Tonight Show w/ Johnny and Jay, and the best was the Impressionists with Frank Gorshen, Rich Little, and many other artists. Fred will be missed very much. He was one of the very best. Our condolences to his family.


Masak - Our Loss
With Fred\'s passing we have just lost 1000 friends. God Bless.

Steve Alper - Mike Douglas show
Lois, Fred was a very special man. As you know I had the honor of working with him through Radio City Music Hall. He was one of the hardest working people I have ever had the pleasure to meet. He was also one of the kindest. Being around him was a real joy. I find myself priveledged to have known him. Love, Steve Alper

Maria - Mike Douglas show
Hi Saw Fred back in the 70s on the Mike Douglas show when he was first starting out. Have been a fan ever since.

Catherine Westergaard - My crush...
How sad I was to hear about Fred\'s passing. While I hadn\'t seen him on tv for awhile, nor did I know about his illness, the memory of my young girl crush is still very fresh. I remember watching him on the Tonight Show and also I believe on a revamped To Tell the Truth, and even as an adult I was in love with him. He never lost his boyish charm, the twinkle in his eye, or his dimples, and he never lost the voices that no one could do better. We have lost so many wonderful people in the last couple of weeks, and even though they are all part of my childhood or young teens, none will be missed, or loved, more than Fred. My heart goes out to his family, friends, and all of the others like me who loved him from a distance. God Bless you Fred. You\'ll have good company to welcome you home.

Steve Siciliano - just heard
My prayers and thoughts go out to the family Fred was a class act and will be in great company in the big show up in heaven with all the greats. Was a sad day.Rest in Peace to Great man.God speed.

Marla - RIP
I remember Fred being a very funny and very talented comedian. He will be missed. RIP Fred.

Encino AL - Thanks
Thanks Fred for all the great moments you entetained and enjoyed with us. From the first time that I saw you in \"The Buddy Holly Story\" through all of your guest spots, roasts, live stand-up gigs and saying \"hi!\" in Ralphs Gelson\'s of Thrifty\'s you will be remembered as a class act and a GENTLEMAN.

Ed. - He will be missed
I LOVED seeing Fred on shows like "Match Game" and others when I was a kid. I always knew he was a special talent. So sorry to hear about his passing....he was one of the greats and will be sorely missed...

Jim Hague, Fred's Web Master - It was an honor to know you
"I guess heaven needs more laughs. Fred, I will continue the work we set out to do, saving innocent lives.
You'll be helping me in spirit now. Whatever you need me to...I know you will whisper it into my ear.
God bless.

Steve Chihota - Condolences
Fred buddy,I know how much you loved your dad. My Condolences to you and your Family.

Dave S. - An Early Influence
What a loss. I remember Fred on the old Gene Rayburn Match Game Show. I was just a kid but his voices and faces made me laugh so hard my mother used to come rushing into the room wondering what was wrong with me. That was more than thirty years ago and I still love his line about no one recognizing him as Fred. Everyone always thought he was Paul McCartney or Tug McGraw when they saw him on the street. Im a trial lawyer now and still think of his voices and faces when I have to make a jury smile or laugh. My thoughts are with his family.

Michele Bowen - Big Deal in the 70's
I remember being a child of the 70's & growing up with Fred on my tV. He was funny without being dirty or crass.
He was a very talented man. Best wishes to his family. Cancer sucks!!!

Charlene Malueg - Title for your Thoughts
Share your Memories I remember Fred for his kindness he gave our pow and mia's in Western Wisconsin in Prescott, Wisconsin. He released a BAld Eagle in Freedom park. And came for the dedication of our Freedom park and to bring a print back home to Prescott, Wisconsin. We in Prescott will always remember Fred and be Thankful for what he has done for our town.

Brei Travalena-DelGiudice - A Life Time of Memories...
From the time I was 11 years old, my mom started sending me out to my "California family" to spend summer vacations with my Uncle Freddy, Aunt Lois, cousins Freddy and Cory. I don't have one specific memory...I have thousands. Waking up early mornings eating burnt toast and eggs and realizing that I get my "cook it till its unrecognizable" ways from my uncle. Spending Fourth of July up in Arrowhead, clearing off the side of the hill..always thinking "I can't believe my aunt and uncle are giving me chores!" my uncle's homemade pizza that blew away any NY pizza that I had ever had. growing up being so proud every time I would see my uncle do what he loved to do..making people laugh! The countless day trips that my aunt and uncle would plan for us as kids..and would continue to plan as we grew up into annoying teenagers. The day my uncle received his star on the Walk of Fame..the look of accomplishment that he had the entire day..being there with my entire family to celebrate! My wedding day (Sept 2007) my Uncle Freddy reading a passage about marriage and love just before I said my vows. March 2009..a week of my life that I am so blessed to have experienced...time spend with my aunt and uncle, chemo, radiation, Saint Patty's Day, laughs, family, conversations about hope and never giving uncle telling me how proud of me and the type of person I had many memories, so much love, so many laughs..such a wonderful person and my life will forever be touched by all that he brought into my childhood and into my life as an adult. I love you Uncle Freddy and miss you with all my heart.

Kevin Grady - I am very sadden by this news
I have been a fan of Freds for many years. I never got to see him in person, but I watched him on TV every chance I got. Not only was he very talented and great entertainer, he was also a Christian and I saw things he did on CBN. I am glad his suffering is over and he is with the Lord, but my prayers go out to his family and friends. We will miss this very talented man who gave us many years of entertainment.

Steve Whiting - My 3-minutes with Fred
In June of 2008 my wife and I took an Alaskan cruise. Much to our suprise, Fred Travalena was the headlining entertaner. We enjoyed his show very much. A couple of days later, as my wife and I were walking around in one of the small Alaskan ports we came up on Fred and his guest. Fred was very nice as he took the time to listen to me as I told him we enjoyed his show and that way back in the 1970's I sat in on a "Gong Show" taping and Fred was one of the 3 judges that day. He was very kind and didnt seem to mind the interruption at all. He even complimented my wifes jewelry. My wife and i walked away saying what a very nice man Fred seemed to be.

Jay Verzi - We will miss Fred!
Fred will always be missed! I was so sad to hear hear of his passing. He was such a kind man nd and always made us laugh and smile. We are having a tribute for Fred on our radio morninf show. Fred will forever be in our hearts!

Kevin Howell - Gone but Never Forgotten
What a sad day. There just are not any like Fred out there today. We have all heard at one time or another the saying "They Don't Make Em' Like They Used To". Wow this news hammers that saying home on many heavy hearts. A ture and unique craftmaster that made so many smile. I will hold those wonderful and funny memories forever.

Misty - Do you remember?
I first became aware of Fred (and his amazing talent) when he hosted "Anything For Money". Do you guys remember that show? I loved him on that. He always made me laugh.

Dave McLucas - Thanks for the Laughs!
I remember first seeing Fred on the ABC show "The Copy Cats". I wrote to Fred a few years ago and he sent me two signed black & white glossy of him on the set of that show. How cool is that? I was so glad that Letterman had him not long ago. He was entertaining as always.

Amanda Lynne - What a Brilliant & Faithuful Man
I have to count my blessings that God allowed me to know and befriend Fred during the last couple of years of his life. I was thrilled to watch Fred expand into an even more incredible actor as he made us all laugh every week in Gene Bua's Acting for Life classes. He brought us all such joy. My heart hurts today for those of us he left behind...but I'm so thrilled for him to get to go home to God. Rest in Peace, Fred.


Terry Ray - Impressionist for Jesus
I have enjoyed Fred Travalena's style of comedy and impressions for a very long time. I was elated when I learned he was a Christian. I can only picture him "doing Jesus" for the Father now! Can you imagine having all that material that has gone before suddenly at hand? Peter, Paul, Moses!

Beth. - Laughter the Best Medicine
I remember watching him on TV (what a head of hair he had!) and laughing till I cried. He was so good at what he did. If you didn't know it was him you would truly believe it was the person he was impersonating. He had a great gift and tremendous talent. There will never be another Fred Travalena. I was so sad when I heard the news. I am sure he has left his family with many many memories that will bring laughter even during this difficult time.


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