In Memory Of Fred Travalena

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In Memory of Fred Travalena
October 6, 1942 - June 28, 2009


Elaine Zeller Ridolph - High School Acquaintance
Fred was a friend of Allan Westbrook at Mepham High School, and I was a friend of Allan\'s(same homeroom). My memory of Fred was that he was always a kind and considerate person and I am so sorry that he has passed way too young. My condolences go to his family. He will be at the 50th Reunion in spirit.

Marguerite Reed. - Laughs are needed
just a note to say thanks for all the laughs and giggles while watching you on tv while growing up. Those were tough times but watching you work your magic was all I needed...will so miss you! x0x0x0x

Mark H. - Thank You
I grew up watching Mr. Travalena on television. I was always excited when I saw that he was going to be on the show I was about to watch. He made me laugh so hard sometimes, I thought I was going to burst. My condolences to his family and friends. RIP

Bob - I remember
I was just a child when I first saw fred on a show called the copycats. I have enjoyed him ever since. Thanks for all the great entertainment fred! I will see you down the road.God bless, Bob, long Island NY

Steven Waldie - When God Winks At You
Last December, I purchased a book titled \"When God Winks At You\". It was filled with stories about famous people who overcame many obstacles to achieve success. One story was about Fred Travalena. He told his story about being diagnosed with cancer several years ago and undergoing chemotherapy. It had a happy ending when his doctor declared him cancer-free. Unfortunately, his cancer would come back and take his life. Fred was a very funny man who entertained us with his many impressions over the years. He will be missed. God is really winking at Fred Travalena right now.

oe d -
funny man! god bless!

Jeff Senley - Peace.
Love the beginnings on the 70\'s Match Game. You had great talents, thanks for sharing them with us while you were here.

Troy DeVolld. - SORRY TO HEAR
Just saw Fred at the 60th Anniversary of the Tv TV Academy not long ago. What a funny, nice man.


Dave West. - An unforgetable guy
Years ago, being on the road as the drummer for Clint Holmes, I got to spend some time with Fred and Lois after the shows late at night. I remember us all standing on stage, just talking about life and show biz and Fred just being the amazing talent he's always been. Thanks for the memorys, Freddy, and God bless you and your family. Thank you for making our lives a little richer, the pleasure was all ours. Dave West

W.S. - Thank you for the Memories
My condolences to Fred's family and friends. I so much enjoyed Mr. Travalena's performances and humor as I was growing up. Fairly recently, we had the pleasure of attending one of his shows on a Royal Caribbean cruise. He proved that he was still a wonderful entertainer. I so much appreciate too that he did a heartwarming salute to military veterans. I have a special place in my heart for those who acknowledge the sacrifices our military members and families make for our country.

For Fred's family, please find a little comfort in knowing that Fred touched so many lives in such a positive way. My thoughts are with all of you.

Regina Wallace - Prayers from The Bronx
I am so sorry I never met you in person but UI still feel that I know you. I am a friend of your loving cousin, Karyn Travalena. She is so proud of you. Unfortunately, I saw your Obit on the Internet and broke the news to Cousin Karyn. Karyn wasn't one for keeping in touch but you were always in her thoughts.

The Bronx has lost one of their own. But the world has lost a hero. Heaven is the winner here. Love and kisses from The Bronx. Rest well Cousin Freddie.

Love, Regina Wallace, A Fan

Christine - I met Fred in 1989
I've always been a big admirer of Fred's incredible talent. As luck would have it, I met him on a flight (from Orlando I think) to L.A. and talked to him for a few minutes. I'd just seen him portray Jack Nicholson as "the Joker" I think it was on Merv Griffin... and had to tell him that I thought he was absolutely brilliant. What a nice and gracious man he was. Such a loss of a great talent and a "great" guy...

Ellen -
He was the best, He could do everyone. I have loved him since the 60s. He will be missed by anyone who ever saw him. Rest in peace.

Tammy Trujillo - Our Dog Sanctuary
Several years ago, Fred and I worked together on a telethon for SPCA-la...and we talked aboutu someday creating a dog sanctuary where homeless dogs could run and play and just do what dogs do without having to worry. That someday didn't come in time...but Fred, you should know that if I can ever do it by myself or find someone else do it with, it will happen and you will be a part of it! KFWB News Anchor Tammy Trujillo

Michael DelGiudice - An Amazing Gift....
It was the first day I had met Fred's niece Brei and I asked her her last name and I said jokingly to her, "any relation to THE Fred Travalena," she smiled and said yes and then followed with.wait, how old are you?! Somehow I got her to go out with me and honestly, we had only been dating for a few weeks when I heard that the "California Family" was coming to town. Talk about pressure, not only was I meeting the Travalena side but of her family but I was being introduced to this legend, someone I grew up watching and admiring forever. Well.not 30 seconds had gone by and "Uncle Fred" had broken out the DeNiro and Pesci voices.I was truly blown away! I could remember thinking, if I closed my eyes right now, the two of them could be here! Fred had just come from a voice-over job for the broadcast premiere of "Goodfellas" and he was in top form! I LOVED IT and I immediately felt comfortable with him and the whole family! At first you think you have to try and keep up but it wasn't like that at're just loved right from the start. That's how he ALWAYS made you feel. He was the most giving and classiest entertainer I've ever known.he had an amazing gift and shared it with everyone. Brei said to me yesterday, that she was so glad that I had gotten to know him.I couldn't agree more. I'm feel so blessed to have met him and I know how much he'll be missed by everyone.


Scott - one person that ALWAYS made me laugh....
Anytime Fred Travalena was on TV, I was pretty much guaranteed to laugh. He was an amazing talent, and one of the few in Hollywood strong enough to stand up for the Christian way. RIP my friend, and may those in Heaven enjoy you as much as we have here on Earth.

Wally Wingert - Fun with Fred!
It was an honor to get to get to work with you on "Kung Fu Magoo." I had grown up watching you you on TV when I was a kid and I tried to keep my cool while we were in the studio together. I didn't want to "geek" out, but it truly was a fun day I'll always remember. I wonder what the first impression God will ask you to do for Him will be...???

Bob Green - Bob Green
I watched Fred ever since I was a kid and was amazed at his talent for impersonations on several TV shows. I haven't been abe to see him in recent years, but still have fond memories of his performances with Dean Martin & Bob Hope. May you rest in peace Fred and know that you'll be sorely missed!

Therese - A truly nice guy.
Meeting him once after a performace at the fair when I was in high school. He was kind and interested in the group of kids who gathered around him. He will be missed. I will hold his family in my prayers. es out to his family and to his legion of fans! Peace, Kenn Rowell NYC

Kenn Rowell - Saw Him As A Kid - Always Funny - Always Good
I can still remember sitting up with my Mom when I was a kid to watch the Tonight Show. I still remember the first time I saw Mr. Travalena - his routine included a bit about Evelyn Wood Speedreading. I couldn't do it justice but when he altered his voice for the punchline I remember my Dad laughing out loud - and it takes an awful lot to make my Dad laugh! I always admired him for how well his impressions were. My heart goes out to his family and to his legion of fans! Peace, Kenn Rowell NYC

dorothy a hutson formerly of clearwater fla - He was very nice to me
I was on a cruise with my husband and was watching the entertainment of the evening and Fred was approaching the stage and i noticed something so I asked him to come to me and he did and i Removed a cleaning lable from his jacket. He thanked me in front of the audienceand later i had my picture taken with him several times. He invited us to dine with him. I also met him at Ruth Eckerd hall in clearwater fla several times and he rememmbered me and poised for more pictures. I considered him a great friend. I now live in Rhode Island and will remember and pray for him Dorothy Hutson

matthew bibbo - Old friend from the bronx
I was freds barber in the bronx on tremont ave.The last time I saw fred was a few years back at Atlantic city and that was a great memory and I was proud to say I knew him,I am very sad to hear about his death,may God rest his soul.

The K. family - Our prayers go out to his family
Dear Travalena family, Our family wishes to extend our thoughts and prayers to all of you on this sad occation. Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. Love, The K. Family

Anne - He will be missed
Fred performed on my cruise ship last summer. He did a fantastic job. I'll never forget how he morphed into Ronald Reagan. We enjoyed him immensely.

Ed. - He will be missed
I LOVED seeing Fred on shows like "Match Game" and others when I was a kid. I always knew he was a special talent. So sorry to hear about his passing....he was one of the greats and will be sorely missed...

Jim Hague, Fred's Web Master - It was an honor to know you
"I guess heaven needs more laughs. Fred, I will continue the work we set out to do, saving innocent lives.
You'll be helping me in spirit now. Whatever you need me to...I know you will whisper it into my ear.
God bless.

Steve Chihota - Condolences
Fred buddy,I know how much you loved your dad. My Condolences to you and your Family.

Dave S. - An Early Influence
What a loss. I remember Fred on the old Gene Rayburn Match Game Show. I was just a kid but his voices and faces made me laugh so hard my mother used to come rushing into the room wondering what was wrong with me. That was more than thirty years ago and I still love his line about no one recognizing him as Fred. Everyone always thought he was Paul McCartney or Tug McGraw when they saw him on the street. Im a trial lawyer now and still think of his voices and faces when I have to make a jury smile or laugh. My thoughts are with his family.

Michele Bowen - Big Deal in the 70's
I remember being a child of the 70's & growing up with Fred on my tV. He was funny without being dirty or crass.
He was a very talented man. Best wishes to his family. Cancer sucks!!!

Brad Zinn - Fred literally changed my life
I am grief stricken today..I met Fred in Juneau Alaska in 1997 and spent about five hours with him. He was all alone in a hotel lobby waiting to board a cruise ship for one of his many headline appearances. When I introduced myself to him as a fellow performer, he immediately treated me like we had been friends for years. There was nothing pretentious about him. We spoke and laughed as he shared his memories of years in the business at the top of his profession. He was a genuine gentleman and one of the truly nice people in this world. I am taking the liberty of reprinting an excerpt from an article that explains better how Fred changed my life. During our conversation he revealed to me his meeting with George Burns (who passed in March of 1996) and how it affected him. What Fred did no know was how much that story would affect me. I owe Fred and George more than they will ever know.

Here's the excerpt;

"Being a devout student of show business, Brad sensed that the great entertainers stood for something - that they represented the sublime. Zinn, the ever-passionate disciple, chose to struggle with this concept and accept its' challenge. So he thrust himself backward toward the first talent that he had ever displayed. The impressions - his uncanny ability to sound and behave like celebrities of the past. Perhaps he merely underrated this particular ability in himself. It just needed to get jolted out of him.

"Being a devout student of show business, Brad sensed that the great entertainers stood for something - that they represented the sublime. Zinn, the ever-passionate disciple, chose to struggle with this concept and accept its' challenge. So he thrust himself backward toward the first talent that he had ever displayed. The impressions - his uncanny ability to sound and behave like celebrities of the past. Perhaps he merely underrated this particular ability in himself. It just needed to get jolted out of him.

With the ship docked, Lennon and Zinn crossed paths with Travalena in a hotel lounge in Juneau. For several hours the three exchanged impressions, voices and the joking patter of celebrities and public figures. From that evening on it was abundantly clear to Zinn what he was missing. Fortunately, it was something that he already had. "Travalena related a story about meeting George Burns backstage," Zinn explained. "George asked, 'Fred, what do you represent when you walk out on stage? I know exactly what I represent to my audience and that's what I am when I walk out on stage." It was a profundity that affected Zinn the way it had affected Travalena years earlier. "It was as much an epiphany for Travalena as it was for me in just hearing him relate the story," Zinn said. "In a way, although I'm doing a tribute to George Burns, Fred has probably done more for me than he'd even realize."

The Great Comedians is the result of that chance meeting in Alaska. From those precious moments with Travalena grew Zinn's elusive thread. Some might call it the message. But what it really gave him was a purpose for performing for the first time in a quarter century as a professional. He now realized that he could tell his own unique show business story, and could do so utilizing the likes of entertainers past that were the direct inspiration for him in the first place!"

God bless you Fred, and restore you to perfect health in Heaven. I will miss you my friend, and I will never forget what you have done for me. The world was a happier, funnier place for you having been here.

Don Elliot - The LA Themesong
Some years ago, I recall Fred singing an official ficial themesong dedicated to the City of LA, sung as "Frank Sinatra". I have searched for a copy of it... can anyone assist?

Donna Sheraden - Thanks for the laughs!
Hello. I would like to thank you for sharing Fred and his amazing talents. I am so sorry for your loss. Sincerely, Donna Sheraden


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