In Memory Of Fred Travalena

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In Memory of Fred Travalena
October 6, 1942 - June 28, 2009


Susan Smith - Thank you...
I watched Fred in the 70\'s and loved how he entertained folks. I was in my teens and had a major crush on him. Fred, wherever you are, you will be missed indeed. Rest in peace...

Brad Weismann - An inspiring person
Dear Folks: I was so sorry to hear of Fred\'s passing. I watched him a great deal as a child, and was inspired to follow in his footsteps -- later became a comic and writer because of it. My condolences to his family and prayers for Fred -- you mad me laugh! God bless you.

Scott Coleman - thank you for the lol\'s
rest in peace

Chris - Fred was great
I will miss Fred I loved his impersonations.

Joe Bolanos - A legend....
Thanks for all the great memories and laughs. You were one of a kind, Fred, and a class act. My condolences to your family... JB New York City

John Giaccone - Parked his car at Emmy\'
In 1995 when I was a valet attendant. He was really friendly and appreciated that I was a fan. God\'s Speed Fred! Thanks for the great entertainment!

Ruby Heart - A wonderful, talented man
I so appreciated Freds gift, and his ability to be genuinely entertaining without resorting to vulgarity. He was always a breath of fresh air... when I wasnt suffocating from laughter, that is! Everyone in show business has something to learn from Fred Travalenas example. He will be very much missed!

Ida. - The laughter lives on
Fred will be truly missed. But thank God for video and this website. My kids did not know who Fred was but I was able to play the videos for the kids and relive some great memories. The angles are laughing their wings off right about now!

Cole Jacobs - A Show- Biz Trouper
I always liked Fred- He was friendly to folks hed meet and a humble decent man. Most importantly he was as I understand a born again Christian, and by all accounts lived like one. Home to Glory for Fred- Farewell, you will be missed in this world of woe.

Tom, Ro and Mike - Fred The Legend!!! You Will Be Missed!!!
These three Jersey Boys will miss you. We grew up watching you! We grew up laughing! Well grow old missing you!

Blanche Morro- "Blanche, the Singing Bartender" - A True Talented Professional, and \"Friend\"
As a youth, I watched Fred in awe, and hoped I could emulate & give forth my abilities and talent with as much passion & professionalism as he did in every performance. Later in life as an adult, I was blessed & privileged to be able to perform with him, and to befriend a wonderful man (and his wife Lois!) in the process. I cant tell you how much that chance encounter has helped me in my professional entertainment life. Fred and his wonderful wife Lois, helped me to keep believing, and pursuing, despite all of the ups and downs that might befall me. I was so sad to find out today that Fred had passed away. He took a piece of my heart with him, but believe me, a piece of him will always be with me. I have pictures and memories of him that are PRICELESS, and I thank God for having met him, and for having the opportunity to witness the wonderful miracle of ever having him in my life. RIP Fred, you will not be forgotten....Blanche in New Jersey

Jo Ellen Guerin - One Little hand
My thoughts and prayers go out to Freds family as you mourn his death and rejoice his life. I just listened to \"One Little Hand\" is a peacful and lovely song that I will share with my niece, Holly who is due next month with her first child. Holly and Fred Jr. attended a school together years ago in Van Nuys. I am so sorry for your loss.

Peter Bright - R.I.P. (All too soon)
Worked with Fred on many TV shows on which he guested...Good person, talented and great to work with.....again, Rest in Peace.

Joni Robbins - A great man
Share your Memories Fred Travelena was one of the best. Not only talent wise but as a human being. He will be missed.

Diane - Why does it have to end
I think your talent was a gift that you worked very hard on and it showed I can recall watching you perform many nights on many shows you were a standout a guy who brought and I am so sorry for your family and friends,you gave 1000% what more can anyone ask and Ihope you loved your life and work and that life was good for you god bless rest in peace You were great not good

John Passaro - A Class Act
I was working as the morning show for WLIR and Fred was coming to promote his show at Westbury Music Fair. Fred Came in at 7am and did three of best hours of radio I have every heard!!! This after just flying in from the west coast and have a show that night. This man was a true professional. Heaven just got a whole lot funnier

Michael - So Long
Make them laugh where ever you are now...

Chris - Thank you
Thank you for the laughter and entertainment you gave to me. You will be missed by many.


Michael Stone - Honored to have worked with you.
On behalf of Miss Deela Reese and myself, we are all deeply sadend for the loss of our friend Fred Travalena. Our thoughts, prayers and respects go out Lois and the family. God bless you Fred.

Elyce - Thanks for entertaining me!.
just wanted to say how much I enjoyed Freds work & how sad I was to hear of his passing, especially at such a young age! He was a very talented man who brought the gift of laughter & joy to so many people!

Montti - The Laughs
As a child growing up with Fred on TV. He was funny without being dirty. If youre gifted like Fred, you dont need filth to promote you. He has Class #1 all the way. He will be missed. Thanks for the laughs!

P.W. - Thanks for the memories
I remember Freds T.V.appearances when T.V. was entertaining and fun. He was so talented and seemed like such a nice guy, and my whole family would gather around the set when he was on. He will be missed, my condolences to his family, you are in my prayers

Janice from long Island N. Y.
I was at the airport coming home from a trip and I noticed Mr. Travalena. I went over to him and told him how much I admired his work. He was so gracious and kind. I have a picture of the two of us and will always remember him. He will be missed. Janice

Joe - A talented and funny man who will be missed
Freds impressions were way, way up there in the tradition of Frank Gorshin and Rich Little. I caught Fred as often as possible on TV as a kid - he always made me laugh. Thanks, Fred, for sharing your humor and talents with the rest of us jokers!


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