In Memory Of Fred Travalena

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In Memory of Fred Travalena
October 6, 1942 - June 28, 2009


Joe Caffrey - Fred
I always went wild when Fred was on TV. I wanted to be Fred! Fred you wont be forgotten for all the Joy you brought to your fans. I hope your family can take comfort in the love you spread to others. Thanks Joe

Terri Zezza - To A Great Entertainer!
I remember watching Fred Travelena growing up. He was a great at doing other people;s voices. He died to young. If I knew that he was ill I would have sent him a healing prayer but I did not know until it was to late. I will pray for him and I know that he is entertaining everyone in heaven. We loved him and we miss him.

Lucretia & Al Martuscelli - Goodbye Mr. Everybody
Have a wonderful memory of meeting Fred & Lois Travelena in person when Fred was performing at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut. We took photos with them backstage and Lois wrote us a lovely note afterwards. That was, unfortunately, the only time we were able to see Fred perform in person; but like so many others in our generation, we enjoyed his guest appearances on many TV shows. Our deepest sympathies to Lois and the Travelena family. He not only impersonated great Americans, he was a true great American himself.

Jane Tucciarone Morello - He was a True Gift and will be Missed
Fred and I went to grade school together on LI, NY. He was always making us laugh! I had the prevledge to see him preform a few times and meet his family.. My Love and Prayers to his wife Lois and the rest of his family.. This is a true loss and he will be deeply missed.. May you rest in peace and know always the joy you brought others...

Michelle DiGirolamo - Laughter in Heaven
Lord only knows you there will be laughter in heaven... the thunder will be the angels clapping for a wonderful impersonator as he impersonates others in heaven. The rain will be tears of joy and the sunshine will be Fred\'s smile shining down on us. I knew his sister Dana and his Father and Mother when I was just a teenager when they lived in Long Beach, Long Island. They were so proud of their son and I felt special to be part of their family at that time. The family was so very nice!!! God bless. How I wish I could see Dana again...Michelle:

Bill Donovan - The Best
Never meet you. Never saw you live, but remember the vegas shots with Jerry Lewis over the years. Rest in Peace

Brian - memories
I remember seeing Fred on TV years ago -i was a young boy- and was marveled by his talent...what an condolences to his family and friends

Gary Hayes - Thanks for the laughs
All our thoughts and prayers go out to you family. I think I can hear laughter coming from heaven.

Freddy Mills - Thanks
Thank you for the laughs and the prefect impression that you did. Thank you for serviing your country and performing for the troops. To his family; a special and loved man has left this world filling it with the love and laughter. I sorry for your lose. I wish that I had the opportunity to see him in concert.

Michael Breen - Memories
Fred inspired me to take my impressions beyond just imitating a voice. I always enjoyed watching Fred on television. He will be missed a lot! Thank you Fred for the laughs! The world is a little sadder now without you.

Deb - Always glad to see ya
I never missed an episode of Johnny Carson when it was announced you would be hosting or just a guest! You brought smiles and endless giggles. Blessings to you and your family.

Chuck Snapp - Sorry to hear
I met Mr. Travalena a few years ago in the theater where I worked lights and sound. Like most of the really talented people he was a gentleman to work with. I am so sorry that the cancer that he thought he had beat at the time has claimed him too soon. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends. Fred you will be missed.

George - Title for your Thoughts Thank You, Fred
I was very sorry to hear of Freds passing. growing up in the 70s and 80s, I saw Fred many times on the various talk, game and variety shows. Then, when I was working in a PR agency in the 80s, I received a package one day promoting Fred for personal bookings and have never forgotten it. Fred, LA truly was \"your spot\". Thanks for the memories and my thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.

Steve - I know Fred is with the King of Kings and Lord of Lords
Share youIm just a fan that Fred brought happiness and joy to. My prayers go to his wife and sons. I last saw Freds performance on Bananas with Thor Ramsey and the fact that he shared his faith was inspiring to me. God Bless You All

my heart goes out to all of the comedians now and then who were his mentor ! Also who have forgotten FRED...

Paula LoCascio Staropoli - Brings Back Memories
Freddie was a student of my dad, Joe LoCass,a singing teacher in Manhattan many years ago. Although my dad passed 17 years ago, Fred & Lois always sent our family yearly Christmas cards. I was elated to hear that he became born again some years ago, as my family is as well. To Lois and the family-Fred will surely be missed by all, but it is good to know that he is with our heavenly Father.

John Dayton - My Best Friend
I am numb - reading these wonderful thoughts from friends has put my keyboard dangerously close to shorting out - Fred would be handing me a whole roll of Bounty now, and doing something like a Nancy Walker impression. Fred loved every creature on earth - one time he found a bee lying on the ground, he put it in the palm of his hand and gently blew on it - that night he kept it in a box - the next morning he went outside, opened the box and the bee flew away to a new \"bee\" day. He allowed me to fly. He was the quintessential definition of \"true friend\". Ill miss watching Laurel and Hardy with you, writing together, creating, having fun, telling jokes and laughing so hard in your hospital room that the staff would quietly shut the door - it was probably the most laughter any cancer ward had ring through their halls. The doctors and nurses loved you - you were a good man, a funny man, a courageous man, and you inspired everyone - especially me. Ill miss you every day of my life.

Shirley - He's amazing.
Ive watched every show, since the 70s, on which he was scheduled to appear. What a talented man! I Thank YOU, Fred Travalena, for sharing your wonderful talent with us, making us laugh until our sides hurt. Im in Canada, so I cant leave a flower or card. Ill light a candle; just look down and youll see it. Rest well, Sweet Funny Man.

Mike Dobson, NJ - Fond memories
Fred was my favorite guest performer on The Tonight Show - with Rickles a close second. RIP, Fred. Youll always be warmly remembered.

Georgette Sorini - Years of Laughs
Thanks for all the years you put a smile on my face. You will be missed. This was such a shock. Too many celebrities too soon!

A Fan - Memories
I remember Fred from all the many shows on tv . He always made me laugh. I hope his personal life was as good as he made his audience feel.

James Gomez - God Bless you Fred!
I had the honor and pleasure to interview Fred Travelena about a year ago. What a class act He and his wife Lois open their home to us. Fred was one of the funniest guys in the business. I was impressed that Fred was never afraid to share his faith with people. My thoughts and prayers go out to the entire family.

: I always enjoyed seeing Fred. He was very talented and entertaining. In addition to that, he was very was refreshing. \"Hollywood\" is very bizarre and twisted place where drugs, debauchery and generally sick and twisted behavior is the norm. Fred seemed to defy the Hollywood norm. He seemed seemed to be an intelligent, rational and \"normal\" person. He proved that you can be genuinely funny and entertaining while remaining smart and not being filthy. This world is in desperate need to more people like Fred.

Russ - Thanks for all the laughter
I dont have any one specific memory, but just memories of watching him on TV and laughing alot. Fred was a great talent who made a young boy in a troubled home laugh. For that I am grateful.

Bette - Thank you for the laughs!
Fred was a true talent and always brought a smile to my face. Thank you, Fred, and prayers for your family and friends.

Eddie Edwards - The Best
Always enjoyed wathing him. Not many people can do what he does with such precision.

John Fagan - One of the greats
So sad to hear of the passing of one the funniest and classiest men of comedy of all time. RIP.

Jill from New Jersey - KopyKats
He was my favorite impressionist on KopyKats. He seemed like an exceedingly nice guy. My prayers are with his family and friends.

Ann - Fred the Funny Man
He was a very funny man...I remeber him from the 1970s and 1980s. He always made me laugh.

Ann - Fred the Funny Man
He was a very funny man...I remeber him from the 1970s and 1980s. He always made me laugh.


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